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thomas noitz


my name is thomas noitz. i am a graduate economic computer scientist and am currently working for a large upper-austrian commercial company in wels.
since i got my first "real" camera in 2009, i am a passionate hobby photographer. at first I only needed a great camera for a roadtrip trough italy but after the holidays were over, i continued shooting and tried to improve my skills step by step. at this time i read everything photography related which i could find. i got new cameras and even more new lenses and sold them to buy new stuff again. the gear got bigger and bigger and more expansive over time - because as everyone knows, the more expensive and bigger the camera, the better the pictures ... today i know it better: not the camera makes the pictures, its the photographer who makes them! the last few years this movement turned in the opposite direction - i sold my big canon gear and switched to olympus mirrorless and i love it! now i can fit my whole gear in a little bag an the quality you get is just amazing!
the photography is a huge area in which you always learn new things - the more you know the less you actually mean to know.
in spite of all this, i still love to take photos - whether on vacation in the usa, canada or africa, at different concerts, at weddings or celebrations, at professional shootings in the fotostudio or just for me in the nature!
on this page i will show some of my work. not all of them claim to be artistically valuable, but all of them have a meaning for me and i hope you can see this relation in my portfolio.
so, welcome and have fun!
thomas noitz